Posted by: traveltalkwithtommy | November 27, 2011

Exit Glacier

This is the resident Glacier in Seward, Alaska

A shot of Exit Glacier

All of us standing alongside the glacier

A chunk of ice off the glacier

A flower along the path. There are several paths you can follow around Exit Glacier. One goes as far as seven miles toward the upper limits of the glacier. As you follow the paths you will hear creaks and groans and snaps and pops. This is the effect of gravity pulling and tugging on the glacier as it moves down the slope from high up in the ice field.

My son walking across the melt off from the glacier. The water here is so cold that it burned my skin as I walked through it.

The face of Exit Glacier

Like I said, we had to walk through the water, that’s why my pants are rolled up.

So that was how we spent our first day in Seward, Alaska. If you ever have a chance Exit Glacier is not to be missed.

Travel Tip:

When you travel like we did to Alaska, buy dry ice to keep meat frozen inside a three-day or higher rated cooler. Everything stays frozen this way and it is so much cheaper than eating out or buying food every few days.


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