Posted by: traveltalkwithtommy | December 16, 2011

A day on the water

So here we are camping out in Seward, Alaska and we decide to book a one day boat excursion. It was a wonderful experience out on the water, but it sure was cold.


The boat dock in Seward, Alaska

Did I forget to mention how cold it was out there on the water

A friendly sea otter.

A whale waved good-bye to us

There goes the whale diving for a snack

Sea lions just kicking back on a rock

And here are more of our friendly neighborhood sea lions

This was our destination for the day.

What you see here is the glacier calving into the ocean. Calving is when the ice splits off the glacier and rains down into the ocean. When this happens you here a sound like the crack of a rifle off in the distance. As it rolls closer toward the edge it begins to sound like claps of thunder. At the end, it sounds like some giant creature growling its final warning before it attacks.


It’s really something to see when this happens. The water wells up as the ice pours down and sweeps out like a new-born wave.

Here is one of many icebergs floating around.

A waterfall

A cool looking rock sticking up out of the water

We saw many things on day trip on the water. The scenery was just amazing and the wildlife never disappointed. In addition to what I show here we also mountain goats and birds of every shape and size. The sea lions were everywhere and the sea life was out of this world. If you ever have the chance I highly recommend doing this kind of trip.

Travel tip:

When traveling, always plan for every kind of weather. Even if the day starts out bright and sunny it can change in a matter of seconds. A good idea is to bring along a backpack with extra shirts, socks, rain coats, and jackets. An umbrella is a good idea too.



  1. Lovely scenery!
    I like the last image especially. It leaves a great puzzle – what’s hiding behind that tunnel?

    • It was an adventure for my family and I. I really enjoy how you looked at the last picture, it shows a wonderful imagination.

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