Posted by: traveltalkwithtommy | January 31, 2012

More Mom

Mom and my oldest daughter. She really enjoyed sitting in the backyard with a cup of coffee and a cigarette. I wonder what she was thinking about there.

Because this is a travel blog, I’m going to keep to that theme as much as I can.

I hope whoever reads these stories will get something out of them.

In the mid 70’s, when I was in the fifth grade my mom and dad called me into the kitchen to talk to me. My first thought that day must have been, “What did I do wrong.”

Whenever they called me into the kitchen to talk it was always because I did something wrong. It’s not that I was a bad child, I just managed to get into everything. Anyway, it was close to the end of the school year so I figured it had to have something to do with that.

By today’s standards, our kitchen would be considered small, but it wasn’t to me. I remember many fond memories of meals taken there, games played, and tears cried. It was a comfortable place to just sit and gaze out the back door.

When I entered the kitchen, mom had a cup of coffee in front of her and dad was smoking a cigarette. I sat down in the chair closest to the entrance in case I had to make a run for my room.

“Your mother and I have decided to take a trip to Florida,” dad said as he flick an ash into an ashtray.

Mom didn’t say a word. I could tell by the look on her face she wasn’t really looking forward to the trip.

“We’re going to go to Disney World,” dad added after a drag.

I almost exploded out of my seat and lifted off into space. I was so excited. I hugged mom, and then dad, and then ran out the door to tell Peter.

The day after school got out we head south on I-95. I remember stopping on the New Jersey Turnpike for gas.

“Top the tank off,” Dad said to the man pumping our gas. I don’t know why that stuck with me after all these years, but it sounded so cool.

We stopped that night in South Carolina at a Days Inn. They had a swing set out front and a small pool. The town only had one stop light. My most vivid memory of that night was hearing the sounds of the eighteen wheelers outside the window. It sounded like the most incredible song. Ever since that night I have always found that sound soothing hear.

The next day we reached Orlando. We stayed at a Red Roof Inn. The trees behind the office had strands of lichen hanging down. It was so swampy. I stood under those trees and imagined that I was in a scene from the Creature From the Black Lagoon.

We went to Disney World and had a great time. It was everything I thought it would be. My mom even had an adventure, she got lost on Main Street during the parade. She went for ice cream while dad and I watched the parade. An hour later I was crying and dad was going nuts because mom hadn’t returned. All we knew was she went across the street for ice cream. After a while we found her. She had three cones in her hands and melted ice cream everywhere. I ran to her and threw my arms around her. She hugged me back. Dad walked up and started to say something, but thought better of it when she gave him the look.

  The rest of our day went without any problems. We saw Mickey and others. We rode the rides. On space mountain I sat in front of my dad. On one of the hills I rose up from my seat and popped him in the mouth with the back of my head. I made his lip bleed. Now, I know that doesn’t sound like much, but many years later my oldest daughter would do the same thing to me on the same ride. It’s funny how history can repeat itself.

I just want to say thank you to my mom and dad for so many wonderful memories. I hope as a dad I have done the same for my children. I love you, Mom. I love you, Dad. I miss you guys



  1. Geez…They never took me to Disney World!

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