Posted by: traveltalkwithtommy | February 5, 2012

A Day in Skagway

So we’re back in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory  again, after leaving Dawson City. This is our homeward bound portion of the trip.  From here, after a day in Skagway, Alaska, we’ll be head down the Cassiar HIghway toward the state of Washington. 

I thought this shot on the road to Skagway was kind of neat. The tracks sort of looked sad and forgotten out there.

Mountain shot of a waterfall

A building on the street. The front is made out of sticks and logs.

The Red Onion Saloon. We didn’t take in the show there, but I heard it was a good one.

The Skagway Bazaar is a nice place to shop. In fact, most of Skagway is a nice place to shop. The sidewalks are made of wood and lined with all sorts of stores that sell just about anything.

Of course we had to go here

Wooden headstones again. It was real dark here too, kind of creepy

Most of the folks here died young

I thought this one was cool with the gold rock behind it.

A waterfall on the way back to our campground

A mountain

A coyote crossing the road

We stopped on the way back. You don’t think of a desert out here in the wilderness.

Sand shot

Which way to the beach


This is a ghost town along the road. At one time it was a mining town

A great sunset to end the day

Travel Tip:

Make sure to stay in touch with loved ones back home, because they worry when they don’t hear from you. My daughter called the police in Skagway because we lost signal for several days and were unable to call. If you travel in Canada that happens a lot.



  1. Once again, gorgeous photos! And hey, if you don’t have any cell phone signal, maybe you could you use smoke signals instead 🙂

    • I gave up smoking many years ago…2001 to be exact so smoke signals are out

      • You only need a camp fire and a blanket…

  2. That stick and log building is really neat. I visited Skagway a few years ago as a port stop on a cruise and I don’t remember seeing it. Then again people often don’t see what they aren’t looking for and I was accompanied by a 6-year-old anxious to ride the train.

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