Posted by: traveltalkwithtommy | February 14, 2012

The Cassiar Highway

Well, Now we are headed south toward Washington State on the Cassiar Highway. So far it has been a fantastic trip full of adventure and family fun, but I am excited to see what the road has in store for us.

Nice shot of a bridge on the road

It’s like the goat is saying, “Don’t mess with me, I’m having a bad day

A friend we made on the road.

We learned later that this fox stops most cars on the Cassiar and begs for food. Even though I said not to feed him no one listened to me. Nothing new there.

This is the Cassiar Cemetery, just one of many we stopped at along the way

This is the cabin we stayed at because it was raining so hard when we arrived at the Dease River Crossing Campground

There was no power here, but that wood stove sure gave off a lot of heat

This is the small lake that was right outside the front door of the cabin. It was nice to just sit there and think before everyone else woke up.

A mountain down the road

From here it looked like we were going to drive straight that Mountain

A glacier

And I will leave you with a waterfall just off the road. Next time, Hyder, Alaska, the friendless Ghost town in Alaska

Travel Tip:

Be ready for all kinds of weather on the road. Have blankets, coats, a first aid kit and anything else you might need to last a day or two without any help. Weather can change fast on the road so always be ready for whatever might come your way.

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